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Real Estate Litigation Attorney

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    It’s pretty common for property owners to find themselves in a dispute of some kind regarding real estate in Queens, New York. Whether you’re a landlord running a small or medium-sized business, a co-op representative, a tenant with landlord issues, a contractor or a commercial buyer, you may need the services of a real estate litigation attorney. If you do, call the best in all five boroughs at the boutique law firm of Albert Maimone & Associates, P.C. They provide a free consultation and review your case within 48 hours. You get an idea of what you need to do in your particular situation. They help you take care of your problem promptly and with the least amount of hassle. These Queens real estate litigators provide the highest quality legal services without charging the big firm legal fees. Call today.

    What Is Real Estate Litigation?

    Real estate litigation refers to the process of solving disagreements about land and property. This doesn’t always mean going to court, but it may if the parties in the conflict can’t reach an agreement. Real estate litigation can involve about anything from using a house as a private business, to a landlord/tenant disagreement, to a property owner’s right to use a driveway that technically belongs to someone else.

    Your real estate lit Link to Landlord/Tenant Rights and Disputesigation lawyer resolves these types of issues and many more, both in and out of court. Real estate litigators also play a big role in other real estate issues, such as drafting a contract even when there isn’t any conflict. When you do find yourself in civil litigation, you don’t need to be anxious when you have an expert team of real estate law professionals at your service.

    The talented real estate attorneys at the boutique law firm of Albert Maimone & Associates provide guidance and representation in the all five New York City boroughs — Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island — as well as in Suffolk and Nassau counties. They offer the highest quality counsel without the highest fees.

    Why Should I Care About Real Estate Litigation?

    The ins and outs of real estate law are complex enough that anyone can find themselves being caught off guard. If you’re a renter, you need to know your rights and obligations. As a landlord, you need to understand how to service your properties and avoid disputes that may jeopardize your income.

    As a first-time real estate buyer, you need to know your agent’s obligations to you, while business owners need to understand zoning requirements. A real estate litigation law firm handles all these aspects of real estate law so you can focus on your business, your family and your finances. Just a few of the benefits of receiving advice from top real estate litigation attorneys include:

    • People can’t take advantage of you easily when you’ve got a source of accurate information in the form of a real estate attorney.
    • You can learn how to zone a property for business.
    • You can secure the best loan terms to buy a house.
    • You can stand up for your rights as a tenant.
    • You can get the most out of your properties as a landlord.
    • Complex procedures like deed transfers or 1031 exchanges can be simplified.
    • Neighbor disputes, property disputes and other conflicts can be settled at a lower cost, very often out of court.

    What Kinds of Issues Does Real Estate Litigation Resolve?

    Technically, real estate litigation deals with anything involving land or buildings. Real estate litigation covers a wide scope of potential problems, and a highly-rated real estate lawyer comes to the aid of anyone involved, including buyers, sellers, developers, contractors, landlords, tenants and management firms. Rely on the services of the best NYC real estate litigation attorney. Examples of issues include:

    • If you rent a building to use as a store, but they haven’t zoned it properly
    • If you’re in a standoff with contractors about honoring the terms of a contract
    • Disagreements with your neighbor about the boundary between your two properties
    • When you’re dealing with a refusal to honor a signed contract

    Additionally, consider having real estate lawyers on your side when there is no dispute, such as in cases of:

    Other common issues your real estate litigators handle for you may involve:

    What Can a Real Estate Litigation Lawyer Do for Me?

    Simply put, real estate attorneys get to know and understand your situation so they can provide you with the best advice on how to handle it. If needed, they represent you in court, but their primary goal is to resolve issues as simply and cost effectively as possible. Some of the specific services that a real estate litigation attorney provides include:

    • Helping you understand your rights and obligations as a buyer, seller, owner or tenant
    • Assisting you in drawing up or negotiating various contracts
    • Helping you understand the terms of any agreement you’ve entered into or are entering into
    • Making sure that the terms of a real estate deal are legal and properly enforced
    • Mediating disputes with other parties
    • Representing you in court

    Your real estate litigation attorney is the expert that helps you navigate all things real estate to get the best possible outcomes. They do the work to make sure that you get a favorable contract, help you know and enforce your rights or make sure you avoid a bad deal. Because they’re so versatile, you owe it to yourself to contact an experienced real estate litigation law firm.

    What Do I Do if I Need a Real Estate Litigation Attorney?

    Contact the boutique law firm of Albert Maimone & Associates as soon as possible. They provide a free consultation and a review of your situation within 48 hours. They use a client-centered approach and offer dependable advice and skilled representation.

    These real estate litigation attorneys in Queens are experts on complex, ever-changing New York City real estate law. They know the ins and outs of this market so that you don’t have to. Their goal is always to make sure you don’t have to go to court, but if you do, you’ll have the best representation in your corner.

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