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Queens Landlord, Tenant Lawyers

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    With the limitless possible issues that may arise between a tenant and a landlord, it’s no wonder that it takes a landlord/tenant attorney to sort things out. Whether you need a tenant attorney to stand up for you in court when you believe your rights have been tromped on or you need the services of lawyers when tenants refuse to pay, you have access to the best attorney in Queens, NY for landlord/tenant issues at Albert Maimone & Associates, P.C. They are the go-to lawyers for rental properties in all New York City boroughs and on Long Island. Call today before you go any further with your disputes. Their motto is: Helping clients get the results they need.

    Why Do I Need a Rental Attorney in Queens, NY?

    Both tenants and landlords have rights that are spelled out in excruciating detail in the reams of city, state and federal laws and statutes. Some tenants’ rights are tied to the U.S. Constitution, while others are regulated by local municipalities. But if they’re all so cut and dried, you may ask why you need a landlord attorney to stand up for those rights.

    For one thing, the documents that are supposed to be clear on tenant and landlord rights are usually anything but. The legalese used to create regulations usually require a landlord/tenant attorney to decipher. And then there are the constant changes to the lists of tenant rights and responsibilities enacted in various locations.

    For these reasons and more, get your answers to rental questions from the professionals who spend their days studying the various laws surrounding NYC real estate at the boutique law firm of Albert Maimone & Associates. You’ll find specialists on both sides of the equations — tenant attorneys and lawyers for rental properties — who are ready to work for you. They offer dependable advice and skilled representation for both individuals and businesses.

    What Are Tenant Rights in NYC?

    Ethically and legally, tenants also have responsibilities to their landlords, neighbors and community. In addition to paying your rent on time, tenant responsibilities include:

    • Not damaging any part of the property
    • Responding appropriately to landlord requests
    • Maintaining required carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
    • Respecting the rights of fellow tenants

    The quality and safety of your living space is protected by laws and regulations in New York City, which are upheld by the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development. This is a bureaucracy with 11 divisions covering millions of rental units within the city. Some tenant rights this agency oversees include:

    • Buildings free from vermin
    • No leaks in rental properties
    • Hazardous conditions removed and prevented
    • Harassment issues
    • Discrimination policies and disputes
    • New laws enacted to protect rent-controlled properties

    How Can Lawyers for Rental Properties Help Me?

    If you’re facing an eviction that you believe is unfair or unlawful, attorneys for tenants step in to represent you in mediation and/or court. Tenant rights attorneys research and support your legal rights when you’re involved in residential disputes with your landlord. Your tenant attorneys handle civil litigation and landlord/tenant cases in all five boroughs of NYC — the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn — as well as in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

    Certain issues you encounter can’t be resolved favorable without help. Problems that may require you take advantage of the expertise of a tenant lawyer include:

    What Do Commercial Landlord/Tenant Lawyers Do?

    Top successful attorneys near you in Queens and in all NYC boroughs are also experienced in representing tenants and landlords in commercial landlord/tenant disputes. The Attorneys at Albert Maimone & Associates use a client-centered approach and have an in-depth knowledge of real estate law in New York City.

    Commercial tenants often face many of the same issues that residential tenants face, but they don’t always enjoy the same level of municipal protection. According to the New York City Bar, the 2016 “Non-Residential Tenant Harassment” law protects commercial tenants from landlords who may engage in such practices as:

    • Threatening you for any reason
    • Disrupting your business by harassing your customers
    • Taking you to court when you haven’t broken any part of your lease
    • Keeping you from entering your building
    • Removing any of your personal items from the property
    • Interfering with your business operations in any way
    • Changing your locks

    If you already have a landlord attorney, you may need to improve the level of expertise with a rental attorney who also understands business law. A tenant rights attorney listens to your case if you’re a tenant with a legitimate dispute. These lawyers offer free consultations and case evaluations for landlords and tenants, and they review your legal matter within 48 hours. This team of attorneys for landlord/tenant issues is focused, dedicated and hands-on. Contact a landlord/tenant attorney at Albert Maimone & Associates in College Point, Queens.

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