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Housing Discrimination Lawyer

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    Fair housing practices are protected by federal law, but it still happens, even in New York City. If you feel you’ve been a victim of real estate discrimination, call on the finest fair housing discrimination lawyer at Albert Maimone & Associates, P.C. law practice in Queens. These housing discrimination lawyers serve all five boroughs in NYC. Don’t let it rest until you know your legal options, and these discrimination lawyers are based in College Point, Queens offer a free consultation to hear your case.

    Do NYC Lawyers Handle Housing Discrimination Cases?

    A fair housing discrimination lawyer takes the stress out of pursuing a housing discrimination claim, whether it’s based on your gender, race, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, ancestry or disability. If a landlord or property manager refuses to rent or sell to you for any of these reasons, it may qualify as discrimination. To bring the case successfully to court, you need an experienced housing discrimination attorney.

    Albert Maimone & Associates is a boutique law firm specializing in civil litigation, including tenant/landlord liability issues. Their attorneys have successfully litigated cases against landlords and property managers accused of violating fair housing laws. Their legal team is committed to defending New Yorkers’ rights to fair housing in all five boroughs of NYC, as well as in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

    With over a decade of experience in all aspects of real estate law, <Link to Real Estate Law> the team at Albert Maimone & Associates practices a client-centered approach that puts your needs first. Whether you’re trying to buy, lease or rent, you’ll find dependable advice and skilled representation at this dependable law office.

    Does a Housing Discrimination Attorney Help All Stakeholders?

    Albert Maimone & Associates litigate all types of real estate disputes. They represent New Yorkers who feel they’ve been discriminated against, as well as landlords and real estate sellers who’ve been falsely accused of discrimination. They can also help you with:

    If you’re denied a rental opportunity or you’ve been declined for a mortgage, especially if you believe you’re qualified, you may suspect that it’s due to your race, gender or ethnicity. Discrimination lawyers help you get the justice you deserve. These NYC fair housing discrimination lawyers provide legal services of the highest quality without charging the high fees common at large legal firms.

    What Can Tenant Discrimination Lawyers Do for Me?

    If you’re facing an unfair eviction or have been discriminated against by your landlord in some other way, the lawyers at Albert Maimone & Associates can explain the landlord’s responsibilities for tenant safety and security. They listen to your story and give you an idea of the merits of your case.

    Landlords who gave you an eviction notice with no cause may be guilty of discrimination. If this happens to you and you believe that discrimination was involved, contact a tenant discrimination lawyer immediately. If you’ve been discriminated against by your landlord, your housing discrimination lawyer presents several options, including:

    • Filing written charges of discrimination with the local housing authority, which must be filed within one year of the alleged discriminatory conduct
    • Filing a lawsuit against the individual landlord
    • Filing a lawsuit against the landlord’s property management company and/or its board members if they were aware of what was going on, but failed to stop it, which is called vicarious liability

    What Happens if I’m Discriminated against in a Rental Property?

    When you’re a tenant in a rental property, your landlord is legally responsible for maintaining the property to be habitable and safe for its tenants. Some landlords don’t take their responsibilities seriously, failing to provide proper maintenance or refusing to repair problems with the property. This can lead to:

    • Serious health hazards
    • Water damage
    • Fire hazards

    A top NYC tenant attorney explains your landlord’s liability for environmental hazards. Your tenant rights lawyer at Albert Maimone & Associates helps you get compensation for any damages caused by your landlord’s negligence or wrongdoing, especially if it was caused by discrimination.

    How Does a Landlord Discriminate Illegally in Subtle Ways?

    Sometimes, landlords discriminate in subtle ways. They may refuse to rent to families with children or won’t rent to anyone who doesn’t have a car. A landlord may also discriminate by refusing to rent to anyone with a criminal record. Using valid criteria to pick tenants, such as requiring a minimum income or positive references from past landlords, is always allowed as long as it’s applied equally to all tenants. Discrimination can be subtle, so it isn’t easy to prove. But if you suspect discrimination, watch out for situations that include:

    • You’re asked to pay more than other tenants in the same building.
    • Your neighbors’ rent is reduced more quickly than yours.
    • Your neighbors get treatment that’s better than yours, like having an extra bathroom installed or getting a discount on their rent because they don’t have children.
    • Your neighbors are allowed to stay on after their leases expire, but you’re not allowed to.

    How Do I Hire the Right Housing Discrimination Lawyer?

    The cost of hiring an attorney varies widely, depending on their reputation and experience. Before hiring anyone, find out if they offer flat-fee pricing or hourly billing. A flat-fee attorney may save you money in the long run, but the service you get may vary with what you pay. The tenant discrimination lawyers at Albert Maimone & Associates provide a free consultation and a prompt review of your legal matter within 48 hours. Hiring a lawyer can be a stressful activity, even when you know you’re in the right. There are many variables to consider when searching for the right attorney. Ask questions of a lawyer to find the best legal representation for your case. Good examples include:

    • How long has the attorney been in business?
    • How much experience do they have representing discrimination cases?
    • What’s their success rate on these cases?
    • What’s their honest opinion of the kind of case you have?
    • How much do they charge?

    Why Do I Need A Housing Discrimination Attorney?

    A housing discrimination attorney helps you get financial recompense if you’ve been denied a home loan or if you’ve been harassed by a real estate agent. Housing discrimination is illegal under the Fair Housing Act, and it’s enforced by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). If you’ve been discriminated against in housing, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses and damages.

    The Fair Housing Act protects people who’ve been discriminated against based on a number of variables. Contact Albert Maimone & Associates for the best housing discrimination attorneys in Queens. They’re focused on and dedicated to helping clients like you get the results you need.

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