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Rent Control and Rent Stabilization Attorneys

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    While it may seem that the rent control and rent stabilization rules are pretty clear in New York City, there are details and nuances that require the expertise of a rent stabilization attorney to sort out. The Queens office of Albert Maimone & Associates, P.C. is a boutique law firm specializing in landlord/tenant and real estate law. They serve all five NYC boroughs, as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties. Call these rent control lawyers today if you’re a tenant or a landlord with rent control or rent stabilization issues.

    What Does it Mean to Have a Rent Controlled Apartment?

    Rent control legislation is in place to limit the rental rates in a city or state. A major benefit of living in a rent-controlled space is that you’re not subjected to sudden or random increases in rent. This provides tenants with housing stability.

    Controlled rent is beneficial for low-to-moderate-income tenants by maintaining a base cost that remains affordable. Rent control laws normally follow periods of housing shortages or economic ruts so that opportunities for housing may still be available for those on the short end of an economic spectrum.

    You may need a rent attorney or rent stabilization lawyer if you’re living in a rent-controlled space or are a landlord. When you need a lawyer for apartments, the best rent control lawyers in NYC can be found at the boutique law firm of Albert Maimone & Associates.

    Do I Need a Lawyer to Dispute My Rent Increase?

    If you’ve been living in a rent-controlled space and your rent has increased, contact a rent control lawyer or a rent stabilization attorney for advice and representation. This type of rent attorney can help you determine whether the increase was lawful or not regarding the rent stabilization laws of New York State.

    You receive a free consultation and a response within 48 hours when you consult one of the top rent control lawyers at Albert Maimone & Associates. Seek them out if you’re experiencing:

    • Unaffordable rent. If the current amount you’re paying for rent has become too high due to personal financial limits, talk to a lawyer for rent to find out if your rent may be temporarily renegotiated.
    • Sudden economic drop. A rent attorney may be helpful if unforeseen circumstances, such as a job loss, have affected your income and ability to pay rent.
    • Drastic increase in rent. If you’ve experienced an unexpected jump in rent while living in a rent stabilized or controlled apartment, you have the right to protest the increase.
    • Unfair treatment. If you feel you’ve been discriminated against or unnecessarily reprimanded for no reason, consult a lawyer for apartments to ensure you’re the not the victim of housing discrimination.

    How Does Rent Stabilization Work?

    Stabilization works by capping rental increases to an affordable percentage. This cap is normally set annually to compensate for changes in the property or outside factors such as the economy and the regression or progression of the surrounding area.

    Rent regulation benefits low-to-moderate-income tenants, so that no drastic increase offsets their ability to rent. These increases often occur with no counter income increase. The benefits of living in a rent stabilized apartment include:

    • Predictable rent increases. Budgeting is easier when you can look long-term at housing expenses without fear of a rapid increase in rent.
    • Minimal rental turnover. For landlords, tenant turnover isn’t as frequent, and the property may not require as many updates or remodeling.
    • Sense of stability. Renting can be more stressful than owning when rents are unstable. Rent control provides a sense of security for tenants.
    • No opportunity for housing discrimination. Rent stabilization ensures that all tenants’ rates remain the same or increase by the same percentage, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

    What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Rent Control Lawyer?

    If you’ve been living in a rent-controlled space and your landlord has not complied with the state rent regulation, you can seek counsel from a rent stabilization lawyer. An attorney explains your rights and protects them from unscrupulous and illegal rent increases

    As a landlord, if you have a tenant who can no longer afford your stabilized rent, a lawyer specializing in rent control may be necessary to determine whether a holdover eviction is necessary. A few benefits of solving these issues with legal counsel on your side include:

    • Knowing your rights. Rent control lawyers help you determine whether your rights are being violated as a tenant, or if you have the right to evict as a landlord. Laws are in place to make sure both parties’ rights are protected.
    • Remaining in your home. If you’re being unfairly evicted, a rent stabilization lawyer contests the raise in rent, allowing you to remain in your home.
    • Translation of legal jargon. Issues may get confusing if you’re being served with a notice full of real estate law terminology you don’t understand. You can have rent control lawyers navigate the verbiage and translate it into comprehensible language.
    • The institution of rent control. If your building is within a rent stabilized section of the city and your rent drastically increases without warning, a rent stabilization attorney helps you counter the rent increase as unlawful as it pertains to housing laws in New York.


    When you have questions or are caught in a battle over rent controlled property, whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, contact the best rent control lawyers in Queens, NY at Albert Maimone & Associates. They offer a free consultation and case evaluation, and they’ll review your legal matter within 48 hours.

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