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Queens Real Estate Attorney

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    A complex and comprehensive field of law, real estate law involves everything regarding real estate, including buying, selling, owning, and renting both residential and commercial property. Because of its breadth and depth, you need a reliable and experienced real estate attorney for proper legal advice so you can navigate the process with confidence that involves real property. Our attorney’s knowledge of the law and real estate transactions are invaluable assets for first-time buyers to skilled investors. Search for a real estate attorney near me, but don’t settle for just anyone. Call a dedicated real estate lawyer in Queens, NY, with free consultations at the Albert Maimone & Associates, P.C. law practice. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and goals, and we’ll fight to protect your interests every step of the way.

    What Does Real Estate Law Cover?

    Real estate law in Queens, NY covers multiple aspects of property transactions. The law protects sellers, buyers, tenants, landlords and investors in the property market. A real estate attorney in Queens, NY guides you through any issue concerning property that you have.

    Real estate law is the field of law that controls the rules of selling, buying, owning, transferring or using land within a jurisdiction. Every state has unique laws that control how you can acquire and use real estate. Additionally, some federal laws may apply to real estate law in every part of the country.

    Consult the top-rated Queens real estate attorneys at Albert Maimone & Associates law firm if you need help with:

    • Real estate law: We can help you draft and negotiate real estate contracts.
    • Real estate closing: We can help you with the closing process, ensuring all of the necessary paperwork is completed correctly.
    • Real estate disputes: We can help you resolve the dispute involving mediation, arbitration, or litigation.
    • Real estate investment: We can help you structure your investment and protect your interests, including:
      1. Drafting investment agreements
      2. Negotiating leases
      3. Handling property management issues
    • Real estate taxes: Real estate taxes can be complex, and a real estate attorney can help you understand your tax obligations and file your tax returns correctly.
    • Real estate title insurance: We can help you purchase title insurance to protect you against any defects in the title to a property.
    • Real estate appraisal: We can help you appraise the value of a property.
    • Real estate contracts: We can help you understand the terms of the contract and negotiate changes to the contract if necessary.
    • Real estate financing: We can help you obtain a loan and understand the terms of the loan to purchase a property.

    The Albert Maimone & Associates law practice has the best team of real estate attorneys in Queens, NYC. This boutique law firm represents clients across all five boroughs of New York City — Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island — as well as in Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island. And they’ve earned positive reviews in their practice.

    What Are the Main Areas of Real Estate Law?

    Real estate law is a complex and far-reaching branch of law. When you need to make a decision about land or property in New York City, you must understand the law that guides the local real estate market. A real estate lawyer comes in handy when you need to identify the part of the law that covers your transaction. The main areas of real estate law include:

    • Real estate sales and acquisitions. Real estate laws govern sale of both commercial and residential properties. The laws protect all parties involved in property transactions, as well as the environment and the public. Your real estate lawyer helps you close every deal.
    • Land use, zoning, and environmental issues. Your Queens real estate attorney makes sure you comply with land use issues and environmental laws, including applicable Endangered Species Acts.
    • Deed transfers. Property deeds are a legal tool used in the transfer of ownership of land and other developments on a property.
    • Property titles. A property title denotes the right to ownership of a property.
    • 1031 exchanges.  Turn to a real estate law firm like Albert Maimone & Associates to learn how to postpone your taxes by rolling your proceeds from a sale into a purchase of a similar property.
    • Property taxes. Property owners pay tax on immovable properties such as land and buildings, based on its assessed value. Real estate laws involve the calculation of taxes, exemptions and tax dispute resolution.
    • Property divisions. Land subdivision falls under real estate law, and your NYC lawyer can represent you or your business to protect your interests if you want to subdivide your property.
    • Purchase financing. Under real estate law, your real estate lawyer in Queens provides borrower and refinance representation in loan originations, loan sales and other debt arrangements. Of course, a good real estate attorney can also act on behalf of the lender.

    The real estate lawyers at Albert Maimone & Associates offer a free consultation and case evaluation. These lawyers have in-depth knowledge of real estate law and use a client-centered approach to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

    What Are Common Legal Issues in Queens Real Estate?

    As an investor in the lucrative New York property market, you’ve got to understand the legal aspects of the contracts you sign to avoid disputes in the future. Legal problems that emerge in real estate law include:

    • Contract disputes. Any party involved in a property transaction may dispute aspects of a contract before or after a sale. Issues such as the sale price, condition of the property, closing date and type of deed transfer can lead to a dispute. A breach of contract may lead to a lawsuit.
    • Environmental issues. If you discover problems such as mold, carbon monoxide, asbestos, lead-based paint or groundwater contamination, your lawyer can file a suit under the disclosure clause of real estate law.
    • Problems with the title. If an issue with the property title arises, you need legal representation to protect your rights. Your lawyer can sort out the title under real estate law.
    • Breach of fiduciary duty. Your agent should act on your behalf and protect your interest in the entire process of real estate transaction. Anything less is a breach of fiduciary duty.
    • Property disputes. Whether it’s a question about the boundaries or misrepresentation, you require a lawyer to take the appropriate action.
    • Construction issues. If you have a problem with construction contracts or shoddy workmanship, you need a real estate lawyer. Lawyers also protect construction contractors.
    • Co-op or condominium association problems. Sometimes, there’s a conflict with a homeowner’s association or a problem with the finances. You need competent representation to protect your rights.

    The best real estate lawyers in Queens, NY, use the state laws, federal law and the National Association of Realtors’ Code of Ethics to protect your interests in any dispute. Your lawyer at Albert Maimone & Associates provides the highest quality legal services without charging the big firm legal fees.

    Real Estate Lawyer Near Me: Find Your Legal Navigator at Albert Maimone & Associates Law Practice

    When looking for help buying or selling property, choose a skilled and experienced real estate lawyer to be on your side. They provide essential advice and representation throughout commercial and residential real estate processes, ensuring that all legal requirements are satisfied and your interests secured.

    If you are looking for a real estate attorney near you, there are a few things you can do:

    • Ask your family, friends, or colleagues for recommendations.
    • Search online for “real estate attorney near me,” “real estate lawyer near me,” and “estate attorney near me.”
    • Read reviews of low practices in your area before making a call.

    The team at Albert Maimone & Associates Law Practice can guide you through the complexity of the market and help you avoid any possible complications, such as title issues, disclosure discrepancies, property tax issues, or transactional irregularities. We are well acquainted with the real estate issues facing businesses of all sizes. With decades of shared experience in New York real estate law, we are able to provide quick and cost-effective legal solutions for buyers, sellers, investors, tenants, landlords, and management companies.

    Why Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer in Queens, NY?

    Buying or selling real estate in Queens, New York is a long and complex process. It requires comprehensive knowledge of real estate law. Many issues may emerge during the negotiations or after closing, leading to costly disputes and litigation. Reasons you may need a real estate attorney include:

    • Legal advice and counsel throughout a real estate transaction
    • Drafting and reviewing documents required in a property transaction, including sales contracts, appraisals, disclosures, home inspection reports and closure documents
    • Negotiating on your behalf during the process
    • Liens and title searches before closing a transaction
    • Proper and on-time filings
    • Saving you time and giving peace of mind during a property deal

    Hiring a real estate lawyer may require upfront costs, but the decision saves you a lot of money in the long run. A local real estate lawyer with free consultations is a good place to start. The house attorney reviews any document you need to sign and negotiates the terms to guarantee you get a better deal.

    If you searched for a real estate attorney near me, you’ve found the Albert Maimone & Associates law practice, with Queens estate lawyers and real estate attorneys. Contact the best real estate lawyers in Queens, NYC. These real estate attorneys understand the NYC property market and offer tailored legal solutions.

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