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Property Lawyer Specializing in Disputes

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    When you’re buying or selling property, a host of complications can arise that may put a damper on the deal. When you’re in the throes of a land dispute, you need the best property dispute lawyers to move the deal along. The team of Queens-based, local real estate dispute lawyers at Albert Maimone & Associates, P.C. serve all five boroughs of New York City to resolve those sticky situations. Call them before you even consider buying or selling property to avoid disputes in the first place.

    What Is a Property Dispute?

    A property dispute is a disagreement between two or more parties regarding the ownership or terms of a piece of real estate. Such disagreements commonly center around residences like houses or apartments, but they may also involve broader areas of land, such as roads, ponds, fields and city blocks.

    A property dispute can get ugly quickly, especially if it’s between two neighbors. A property dispute lawyer can solve these issues. A lawyer for property disputes proves ownership of a property, clarifies property lines and provides counsel on other issues causing conflict. If the line of ownership is unclear, land dispute lawyers study the deed to find clear, legal answers.

    In the five boroughs of New York City and in Suffolk and Nassau counties, the best property dispute lawyers are at Albert Maimone & Associates. This boutique law firm offers dependable advice and skilled representation. When it comes to civil litigation, they provide the highest quality legal services without charging big firm legal fees.

    Who’s Involved in a Property Dispute?

    A property dispute involves different individuals or entities. It may surface for many reasons. A dispute may arise between buyers and sellers about the actual placement of a property line or between a landlord and renter about misuse of a property’s intended use.

    A property dispute may be as simple as a scuffle among neighbors who read local regulations differently. The dispute may be more complicated, as when many entities or organizations are involved. Albert Maimone & Associates employs neighbor dispute lawyers with the skills and specific knowledge to mediate these tense conflicts. The most common types of property disputes involve:

    • Neighbor disputes can involve simple disagreements about the property lines or become more personal if differences in lifestyle affect the property in question. Annoyances like wrongful fence placement, noise level complaints or general neglect and upkeep problems are best handled by a neighbor dispute lawyer.
    • Landlords and tenants. These conflicts often involve a disagreement about who is responsible for damages to the property. If previous damage isn’t documented before a new tenant arrives, for example, problems may arise about who must pay for the repairs.
    • Homeowners’ associations. Conflicts between HOAs and homeowners arise if the homeowner has disobeyed the rules set by the HOA in their neighborhood. This occurs when the property is altered or used for an unintended purpose or one that’s disruptive to others. Legal representation may be needed to sort it out.
    • Real estate developers. Developers and landowners may disagree over certain zoning issues and questionable property line boundaries.
    • Mortgage lenders and creditors. Conflict between lenders and creditors can occur when there is a question as to who has the ability to foreclose on a property and who retains the settlement for that foreclosure.

    What Are Examples of Common Property Disputes?

    When it comes to personal property, disputes vary in degree of severity. They’re often settled in court with property legal services. Sometimes, it comes down to something as simple as a misunderstanding of agreements made, leading to a breach of contract.

    Whether an argument over a fence line or a breach of contract, these issues can often be solved with the help of a lawyer for property who can negotiate a reasonable resolution to prevent further battles. The most common types of disputes involving property include:

    • Breach of contract. This occurs when the terms of the contract have been disobeyed or ignored in the building process, leading to structures built out of code or employee regulations not being met.
    • Boundary issues. Boundary issues occur most often between neighbors disagreeing on a shared line of property. The exact line may not be properly documented or altered by an existing natural land boundary, such as a creek, road or sidewalk. A land dispute lawyer can help define these legal boundaries.
    • Real estate fraud. If property is being falsely represented by a company and an incident occurs on that property, the question of responsibility may lead to a conflict.
    • Multiple owner conflict. When two or more people are co-owners of a piece of property, responsibilities of payment and upkeep can cause tension if all parties aren’t in agreement.

    How Can I Avoid a Property Dispute?

    The best way to avoid a property dispute is to know your property boundaries and ownership rights before inhabiting the space. Have a property legal services attorney review all construction contracts and have proper contractor representation in the beginning stages of your building project. If you’re looking to purchase a piece of real estate, access the property legal services to confirm its boundaries.

    It’s also wise to know your neighbors and research any existing or past conflicts that may have occurred on the property. Your lawyer for property issues can determine a property’s history, and show you how to avoid future problems by advising you about potential property issues, such as:

    • Inspecting the title. Make certain the official owner of land and the correct boundaries of the property up for sale are correct.
    • Obtaining municipal licenses. Make sure the licenses meet all the requirements of the municipality before you move in or build on new property.
    • Inspecting the deed of sale. Look for errors or omissions and ensure that all parties involved in the sale are aware of its requirements.
    • Cautioning family members about inheritances. It can be complicated if there’s a conflict within the family or beneficiaries of an inheritance.
    • Documenting existing damages. This is necessary to prove who’s responsible for damages in the future.

    What Are Some Solutions to Property Disputes?

    At first glance, a property dispute may seem impossible to settle. There are a few steps parties can take to come to a civil solution. Hiring a real estate dispute lawyer is ideal to ensure you receive what’s rightfully yours. The best property dispute lawyers uncomplicate the issues at hand and find solutions that may include:

    • Talking it out. Many disputes between neighbors are due to simple misunderstandings that can be resolved by a conversation. Both parties may want to avoid the stress of more formal legal proceedings.
    • Agreeing to alternative dispute mediation. Outside mediators act as a middle ground to solve the problem. Your lawyer property advisor can refer you to a mediator if it may be a feasible solution.
    • Going to court. Once all other options are exhausted, your property dispute lawyer may file a lawsuit on your behalf.

    Whether you’ve tried every option with no results or you’re in the beginning stages of a property dispute, contact the best property dispute lawyers at Albert Maimone & Associates located in College Point, Queens for a free consultation and a response within 48 hours.

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