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Property Damage Lawyer

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    When disaster hits your home or business, you expect your insurance company to come to your rescue and cover your damages so that you can get back to life and work smoothly and efficiently. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, which is why it’s wise to bring experienced attorneys for property damage onto your case. The team of experienced College Point, Queens property damage lawyers at Albert Maimone & Associates, P.C. serve all five boroughs of NYC, as well as Suffolk and Nassau counties. They’re ready to take your call now.

    What Is a Property Damage Lawyer?

    Damage to your home or business because of vandalism, accident or natural disaster can cost thousands of dollars to repair. When it happens to you, act quickly to file a claim for compensation to take care of the cost of the damage. To maximize your interests, a NYC property damage lawyer with the necessary expertise fights for a reasonable settlement on your behalf.

    Don’t accept an underpayment or a denial of your property damage claim without getting in touch with the property damage lawyers at the Albert Maimone & Associates law practice. This boutique law firm practices in all five boroughs of New York City and in Nassau and Suffolk counties, and their attorneys are highly experienced in civil litigation cases.

    What Types of Damage Does a Property Damage Attorney Handle?

    There are many types of damage that may trigger filing a claim with your homeowners’ insurance. And when disaster strikes, repairs need to be taken care of right away, not when some insurance adjuster says so. Some of the most common examples of damage include:

    • Water damage. This isn’t the same as flood damage, which requires separate coverage. Water damage may be from a burst pipe, frozen pipes or a damaged roof that allows rain into the property. Heavy and prolonged rain can damage property too.
    • Wind and hail damage. Severe weather often involves harsh winds or hail, which may knock down trees and damage structures.
    • Tornado damage. While more common in some states than others, a tornado can happen anywhere and cause roof damage, broken windows and worse, like removing a structure from its foundation.
    • Fire damage. Your property can be damaged by fire from various causes, including lightning strikes.
    • If your home is broken into or otherwise damaged by trespassers, they may cause damage to doors and windows or draw graffiti on walls.
    • Damage from a car accident. If a drunk driver or other negligent driver runs their car into your property, it can cause significant damage.

    Homeowners and business owners pay for insurance coverage faithfully for months or years and expect that this coverage is adequate to cover whatever’s needed. But when you need it, you may find that the insurance company looks for reasons to delay or deny a claim. If that happens, you need the help of a skilled property insurance attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve to repair or replace your property.

    How Much Can Attorneys for Property Damage Get for My Claim?

    The amount of money you receive for your claim depends on how much damage occurred, the cost of the repairs and the limits on your policy. Some things that may be covered include:

    • Cleanup and repair of vandalized building
    • Repair of damaged roof
    • Replacement of property that was stolen
    • Repair of porch, deck or outdoor area
    • Repair or replacement of items struck by lightning
    • Replacing damaged appliances
    • Repair of damage to indoors such as flooring
    • Rebuilding after total loss

    Get familiar with your insurance policy and what it covers. Standard policies may not include coverage for flooding or earthquakes, or you may need an additional policy to cover that if you live in a flood-prone area.

    There are times when your homeowner’s insurance isn’t responsible for paying for property damage. If a contractor you hired to work on your home does a poor job, for example, there could be damage to your home that you weren’t anticipating. Hire only insured workers, as the contractor’s insurance company is responsible for damage they cause. If someone drove a vehicle into your house, their automobile insurance may be responsible for compensating you for your losses.

    Do I Really Need a Property Damage Lawyer?

    Some homeowners prefer to file a claim directly with the insurance company on their own rather than working with a property damage attorney. This may be fine if damage is minor. But there are times when it makes sense to work with an expert in the field of property damage, such as when:

    • Your home is badly damaged.
    • Your case is large or complex.
    • You’re dealing with complicated construction problems.
    • Fault is difficult to establish.
    • You’re unsure what’s covered under your policy.
    • The insurance company offered you an amount you know is too low.

    Even if you do everything you’re supposed to do, you may find yourself in a battle with the insurance company while they try to resist paying the amount you deserve. And this battle could go on for months. Reach out to the best attorneys for property damage if the insurance company has severely delayed or denied your claim. Talk to a property damage lawyer before accepting a low offer.

    What Steps Do I Need to Take after My Property Has Been Damaged?

    Whether you decide to file an insurance claim on your own or partner with a property damage lawyer, there are certain steps you need to take if your property has been damaged, such as:

    • Collecting and piecing together a thorough picture of your property damage with detailed information about and photographs of the damage
    • Recording how it happened while it’s fresh in your mind, talking to neighbors or other witnesses and creating a timeline that covers the period in question
    • Protecting your home from further damage, which may mean hiring a contractor to place temporary covers over gaping holes in your home’s roof or moving your belongings to a safe location

    File a claim as soon as possible after the incident occurs. The sooner you take this step, the closer you are to receiving compensation.

    How Can a Property Insurance Attorney Help if My Claim Was Denied?

    Insurance companies sometimes act in bad faith. They may delay, undervalue or deny legitimate claims to avoid paying them. Attorneys for property damage help by:

    • Working to determine whose negligence may have caused the property damage
    • Proving liability
    • Explaining the insurance coverage you have

    There are several different reasons your insurance company may deny a claim on your homeowner’s insurance, some of which your property insurance attorney helps you with, including:

    • Lapse in payment of premiums
    • Not meeting the filing deadline
    • Excluded causes
    • Neglect of the property on your part
    • Insufficient documentation of losses

    Fighting an insurance claim denial can be tiring and time-consuming. Hiring a property damage attorney means you have a professional on your side who can handle negotiating with the insurance company, appealing a denial and suing the insurance company if necessary. In NYC, contact Albert Maimone & Associates as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation. They represent individuals and businesses with the highest quality legal services.

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