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Construction Lawyer for Litigation and Defects

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    When a construction project goes off the rails — or even before it gets that bad — you do yourself and your project a favor by hiring a construction attorney. Construction litigation isn’t an easy decision to make, so you need experienced construction lawyers on your team watching out for your interests. Call the boutique law firm of Albert Maimone & Associates, P.C. in Queens, New York for the best construction litigation attorneys.

    What Is Construction Litigation?

    Construction litigation is an area of law that covers disputes that arise before, during or after a construction project. Construction projects entail multiple contracts and agreements between developers, contractors, sub-contractors, tenants, management companies, investors and local authorities. Disputes in such agreements can lead to costly legal battles.

    Hiring a construction lawyer in New York City is an effective way to protect your company. A dispute may arise at any stage of construction, leading to costly delays. You may need construction litigation attorneys when you experience:

    At the law office of Albert Maimone & Associates, you get the most experienced construction lawyers in Queens, New York. This boutique law firm covers all the five boroughs of New York City — Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx and Brooklyn — as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties in Long Island.

    What Kinds of Construction Defects Can Happen?

    Construction defects refer to deficiencies in a building project that’s contrary to the terms of the contract. When construction starts, all the different parties sign agreements to ensure the delivery of a safe and satisfactory project. Construction deficiencies fall into five categories, including:

    1. Design defects. If the architects and engineers involved in designing a building fail in their job, negligent design becomes a problem. Building outside of the specified building codes may lead to future problems, putting the lives of its occupants in danger. Improperly designed properties may also lead to financial losses or poor ROI.
    2. Subsurface defects. Foundation issues are a common cause of buildings’ failures. Poor preparation of the subsurface leaves the building structure vulnerable to basement flooding and other problems.
    3. Material defects. The best building projects use high-quality materials to guarantee safety and durability of the property. Inferior building materials compromise the integrity of the structure and malfunction of different systems.
    4. Construction defects. Quality workmanship guarantees optimal function of the finished construction project. Poor workmanship leads to costly defects, which may cause the structure to fail.
    5. Operational/maintenance deficiencies. Issues may arise after construction if the owner doesn’t maintain systems in the structure properly.

    With so much money going into construction in NYC, investors expect top-of-the-line buildings and properties. The best construction law firm in the city offers dependable advice and skilled representation should the need for construction litigation occur.

    What Are Common Construction Litigation Issues?

    Every construction project in New York City is unique, but issues that emerge in contracting may be similar. Some common construction claims for which you need an experienced NYC construction lawyer include:

    • Construction defects, such as defective roofing, electrical and plumbing issues, unstable foundations, mechanical problems, water intrusion, thermal and moisture protection, doors, windows, glass seals and finishing issues
    • Professional negligence from professionals like architects and engineers
    • Defective product claims against material suppliers
    • Disputes regarding insurance coverage
    • Environmental issues
    • Failure-to-disclose claims
    • Claims against payment/performance bonds
    • Defective workmanship by contractors and subcontractors
    • Construction delay claims
    • Personal injury claims
    • Breach of contract or warranty
    • Construction code violations
    • Structural deficiencies

    Most of these claims revolve around a breach of contract. The law office of Albert Maimone & Associates has lawyers specializing in the different areas of construction litigation. Get a free consultation or a case review within 48 hours when you visit this firm.

    Finding Construction Attorney Near Me

    When seeking legal representation in construction-related matters, look for an experienced construction attorney near you who can provide comprehensive advice and support on all legal aspects of construction, from contract drafting to contract administration to post-construction litigation and dispute resolution. Find a skilled team of lawyers with extensive expertise and sophistication in dealing with complex construction litigation cases in commercial, industrial, and residential construction processes, providing high-quality legal representation and advocacy to their clients.

    Litigating construction cases is a complex process that requires skills and resources. The experienced legal team at Albert Maimone & Associates law practice offers dedicated legal representation on a broad range of real estate issues. Contact the best Queens construction litigation lawyers today.

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