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Construction Contract Lawyer – Contractor Representation Attorney

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    Construction contracts for buildings can get tricky — and difficult to navigate — without the guidance of a construction contract lawyer. The best construction contract lawyers also provide contractor representation when you need it. In New York City, find that expertise at the Albert Maimone & Associates, P.C. law practice. Call the boutique law firm in Queens before you get into contract disputes. Avoid construction litigation with dependable advice and skilled representation. They live up to their motto: Helping clients get the results they need.

    What Is a Construction Contract Lawyer?

    Construction contract lawyers work with all parties involved in a construction project, making sure property owners follow the rules, and all builders and employees are treated fairly. In the case of a future property dispute, have your construction contract dispute lawyer review all existing contracts. If you need representation in negotiations with builders or lenders, your lawyer deals with all parties involved in construction.

    If you’re building or planning to build on a property, whether you own or lease the land, you need a construction contract attorney to help you:

    • Complete the government contracts
    • Enforce employment laws
    • Oversee the building process
    • Ensure the building proceeds within the regulations set by the neighborhood and the law

    In New York City, the talented team of real estate lawyers at the Albert Maimone & Associates law practice provides you with dependable advice and skilled representation. The team of experienced construction contract lawyers and real estate attorneys use a client-centered approach and advise buyers, sellers, developers, contractors, landlords, tenants and management firms about various real estate laws.

    Why Do I Need Construction Contract Representation?

    Protect your interests and investments with a competent contract lawyer when embarking on a new building project. If you’re planning to build, you’re in the process of building or you have an ongoing property dispute on a building you currently own, a construction contract attorney represents you in all aspects of the project, no matter which side of the deal is yours.

    Albert Maimone & Associates has construction lawyers available to assist your construction on a local, state or federal scale. You may need the services of a construction contract lawyer if you are:

    • Planning to build. Ensure that you have proper representation from the very beginning of your building project so that all parties understand the terms of the deal and all the rules are followed from the start.
    • Involved in a lawsuit. If you’re involved in a property dispute lawsuit or any conflict affecting your construction’s progress, a construction contract dispute lawyer defends your construction contract and expedites a solution, even if it takes litigation.
    • In possession of a questionable permit. If the validity of the permit for your current building project is questionable, your lawyer re-evaluates your permits and building contracts. If necessary, your top-rated Queens contract lawyer can re-apply for permits, create new contracts or provide you with information on how to proceed.
    • Concerned about the environmental impact. If you’re building in an area with strict environmental impact laws, an attorney behind your contract ensures your building process remains within the lines of these precedents.

    What Does a Construction Lawyer Do?

    Construction lawyers have full knowledge of construction law on the local, state and federal levels. They represent you in legal matters concerning your construction and oversee the budgets and timelines of the project.

    These lawyers also ensure all codes are met during construction. The hiring processes, environmental codes and employee regulations can be overwhelming to an untrained eye. Your contract construction lawyer provides assistance with the:

    • Negotiation of payments. A construction contract lawyer oversees payment due dates and employee contracts so that your money is going to the right people at the right time.
    • Examination of liens. A lawyer can represent a contractor or homeowner in filing or fighting claims to a lien. They act as the facilitator in filing, serving, defending or discharging claims of a lien.
    • Administration of projects. A lawyer can be an onsite go-to for contractors, builders and landowners to make certain all building guidelines within the construction contract are being met. This prevents any questions of legality in the future.
    • Overseeing employee contracts. It’s wise to have a construction lawyer involved with employment contracts so that all hires and terminations are legal. They can also help if any employee has breached the contract or not performed the work that was agreed on.

    What Are the Types of Construction Contract Disputes?

    A construction contract lawyer is valuable for many reasons if your contract is being disputed. Sometimes, the issue is as simple as a miscommunication of the legal jargon involved in the construction contract. Conflict may also arise due to negligence from either party in following the specifics of the contract.

    Consult a construction contract dispute lawyer when the builder admits to any type of breach of contract. This type of admission can include nonpayment or late payment for work completed, a delay in progress or complete abandonment of the project. Disputes may also involve issues such as:

    • Unsafe structures. If structures on the property weren’t built according to code, you’re in jeopardy of a future lawsuit. A construction contract lawyer helps you correct errors to prevent legal trouble and potential danger the structure may cause.
    • Breach of contract. Construction contract lawyers review all employee contracts, building proposals and legal documents in the case of a breach of contract. If a contract has been broken, a contract lawyer guides you to which legal proceedings to follow in court.
    • If a conflict occurs due to negligence by either the builder, contractor or buyer, your lawyer helps prove this wrongdoing in court.
    • A disagreement of technical terms. Disputes may arise due to the misinterpretation of construction contract jargon. Construction contract lawyers are experienced in interpreting the unfamiliar terms involved in a building project contract.

    Why Is a Construction Contract Necessary?

    A completed construction contract agreement is legally required before a building project can begin. This document outlines all details of the project by covering the specifics of what is being built and allocating instructions for all parties involved. The construction contract acts as a roadmap of how the project should be built, including direct costs of material and labor, as well as due dates for payments.

    All aspects of employment, distribution of funds and project proposals should be outlined and reviewed by lawyers on both sides to ensure your construction project operates within the boundaries of the law. For representation in all five boroughs of NYC — Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx — as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties, contact the experts at Albert Maimone & Associates for a free consultation.

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