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Neighbor Dispute Attorney

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    When you get into a dispute with a neighbor, it may become more than a simple argument. The subject may be regarding unruly behavior or property boundaries. If you can’t negotiate an agreement to solve the problem, a neighbor dispute attorney may be the answer. Property dispute lawyers resolve most issues before they get to court, but if your issue does get that far, be glad you have an attorney for neighbor disputes on your side. Call the Albert Maimone & Associates, P.C. law practice for a free consultation in Queens, New York City.

    Are Neighbor Disputes Serious?

    Most property owners wish to live harmoniously with their neighbors, but disputes do happen from time to time for a variety of issues. Neighbor disputes are among the most common civil litigation issues in New York courts. While most property owners desire peace and quiet, some neighbors may cause disturbances, leading to disagreements and eventually even lawsuits.

    Whether your neighbor plays loud music after hours, tampers with your boundaries or ignores overgrown trees and hedges, a neighbor dispute attorney can help. Taking matters into your own hands in such disputes aggravates the issue and could lead to fines or a jail term. If a conversation doesn’t bring satisfaction, seek legal guidance.

    At the law office of Albert Maimone & Associates, you can get an experienced attorney for neighbor disputes. This boutique law firm covers all the five boroughs of New York City — Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island and Brooklyn — in addition to Nassau and Suffolk counties. Their seasoned lawyers offer dependable legal advice and skilled representation in court.

    What Are Common Neighbor Disputes?

    Since property owners in NYC represent different cultures, backgrounds and personalities, conflicts between neighbors aren’t that rare. If you rent, your landlord has responsibilities to resolve some issues. If you’re a property owner or renter in New York State, you may experience issues with your neighbor that include:

    • Property boundary issues. Many neighbor disputes may arise from boundary disagreements. For these disagreements, a property title deed helps, but the document may not conclusively delineate the boundary lines. A lawyer for property disputes often recommends the services of a surveyor to mark the boundaries.
    • Shared facilities. If you share facilities, such as drains or pipes, you may disagree with your neighbor on who’s responsibility it is to make needed repairs.
    • Noise disturbances. Noise ranks top among the most common causes of neighbors’ disputes. Some of the noise disputes may escalate to violence with devastating consequences. Don’t let it get that bad, call the well-regarded lawyers for neighbor harassment to help you resolve the issue peacefully.
    • Visual nuisances. Some neighbors erect structures or leave their properties unkempt, creating an eyesore. As a neighbor, you can file a complaint and even sue your neighbor through the best neighbor dispute attorney in NYC.
    • Pets and other animals. While you love your pets, your animals may be a nuisance to your neighbor. Every neighbor has a duty to handle their pets to avoid harm, injury or inconvenience to your neighborhood. Sometimes, the landlord is liable for a tenant’s dogs.
    • Abusive or offensive behavior. If you have a neighbor who’s violent or one who harasses you or your family, lawyers for neighbor harassment help you find answers.
    • Pre-existing easement agreements. If you buy a property and the seller doesn’t disclose an easement agreement with your neighbor, disagreements may arise. An experienced lawyer for property disputes helps you navigate the complex laws concerning real estate law and easements.
    • Fencing or rails. If you buy a property that includes a fence, railing or shared driveway, a dispute may happen in the future if the structure suffers damage and needs repair. A neighbor’s dispute lawyer helps resolve the problem.

    Handling neighbor disputes with no legal representation often leads to undesirable outcomes. To protect yourself, get the best NYC property dispute lawyers at the law office of Albert Maimone & Associates.

    What’s the Best Way to Resolve a Neighbor Dispute?

    When a dispute arises between neighbors, emotions sometimes run high. The disagreement may get out of hand in no time at all. Many homeowners are quick to escalate the conflict to violence, resulting in a call the police. Effective ways to resolve such as disagreement before you talk to an attorney for neighbor disputes include:

    • Talking it out. Stay calm and approach your neighbor with the problem. Some property owners or renters may not even realize they’ve offended you and quickly remedy the situation to allow peace to prevail. A face-to-face meeting is a good place to start if you have an approachable neighbor.
    • Send a complaint in writing. Write your neighbor a polite letter about the complaint you have and request for action. This approach also leaves a paper trail.
    • Contact the landlord. If you have a neighbor who’s renting, talk to the landlord or the property management firm representing the owner. Landlords may be responsible for property damage orcrimes committed by a tenant.
    • Contact your resident’s association. Get the support of your resident’s association. Ask about the local ordinances and other codes to understand if your neighbor has broken any laws.
    • Record the dispute. Write down or record any interactions regarding the dispute. For instance, take photos of unmarked boundaries, overgrown hedges or trash for use in the future. Also keep a copy of any correspondence through letters or texts.
    • Talk to your lawyer. If the situation gets out of hand after trying other means, contact an experienced Queens, NY neighbor dispute attorney. A lawyer de-escalates the situation and introduces solutions.

    Your attorney for neighbor disputes understands New York real estate law and protects your rights. The lawyers at the boutique law firm of Albert Maimone & Associates use a client-centered approach and offers dependable advice and skilled representation. If you don’t know what to do next, seek out these property dispute lawyers.

    Why Do I Need a Lawyer for Property Disputes?

    If you have a dispute with your neighbor that you can’t resolve through dialogue, hire the best neighbor dispute attorney. Reasons to hire an attorney for neighbor include:

    • Explaining your rights and responsibilities, as well as those of the neighbor
    • Helping in mediation to avoid a lawsuit
    • Representing you in a court of law, if necessary
    • Protecting your claim to your property
    • Regaining peace of mind by resolving nuisances, such as noise
    • Guaranteeing the safety of your family
    • Restoring the peace between you and your neighbor through legal dispute resolution
    • Providing a free consultation about your case
    • Helping you with adverse possession claims against your property

    An experienced neighbor dispute attorney helps you get justice. The Queens-based law firm of Albert Maimone & Associates has become one of the most trusted in real estate issues. They handle multiple civil litigation issues related to real estate. Contact these attorneys for best possible results. They are focused, dedicated, and hands-on.

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