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Landlord Responsibility for Crime Committed on Rental Property

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    You can’t control all crime in your area, but as a landlord, you can take measures to ensure the safety of your tenants to the best of your ability. As a tenant, it’s your responsibility to tell your landlord if you see something amiss that could leave you and your neighbors open to crime, like broken locks or security cameras. When you do experience crime on your property, you may need specialized representation in the form of landlord/tenant attorneys who know all the rules of NYC. Find them at the Albert Maimone & Associates, P.C. law practice in College Point, Queens. This boutique law firm covers all five NYC boroughs, as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties. Call now for a free consultation and case evaluation and get a rapid response within 48 hours.

    Is My Landlord Liable for Crime Committed on My Rental Property?

    Your landlord is required by law to make reasonable efforts to assure the safety and security of all the tenants. With crime occurring all over New York City, you’re advised to be aware of your rights and responsibilities regarding criminal activity in your area. And there are preventative measures you can take as a tenant to lessen the chances of becoming a crime victim.

    Top attorney reviews confirm that Albert Maimone & Associates serves as the reputable and trusted real estate law firm in all five boroughs of NYC — Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island — as well as in Nassau and Suffolk counties. These lawyers are the best at civil litigation and landlord/tenant cases. Turn to this boutique law firm for legal advice about issues regarding illegal activities and crime on your rental property.

    What Responsibilities Do Landlords Have to Protect against Criminal Activity?

    As a landlord in New York City, you’re legally responsible to make an effort to assure your tenants that they’re protected against being a victim of a crime. Most requirements are reasonable and common-sense practices to protect your property and the safety of your tenants.

    Landlords can also be held liable for criminal activities committed by tenants, which by its very nature adversely affects other renters in the building. The credibility of your neighborhood as a safe place to live also suffers. State and local laws meant to protect tenants in rental properties include such provisions as:

    • Self-locking, self-closing entrance doors that are located in the front of the building
    • Entrance doors that remain locked 24 hours a day
    • Adequate lighting at all entrances
    • Two-way intercom system in structures built after 1967 that contain at least eight units to allow tenants to talk to visitors
    • One lock on each unit in good working order
    • The capability for tenants to install additional locks on their unit, although they must give landlords a duplicate key to those locks
    • Peepholes and chain guards on doors, as mandated by state law
    • Secure mailboxes with working mailbox locks for each tenant living in the building
    • Safety mirrors in elevators

    Can a Real Estate Lawyer Help a Tenant with Crime Committed on Rental Property?

    Settlements involving crime on rental properties usually involve insurance, which adds another layer to the necessary legal knowledge and experience. For tenants, the team at Albert Maimone & Associates offers dependable advice and skilled representation. These specialized attorneys practice complex real estate law, which requires expertise with the laws, ordinances and codes at the city, state and federal level.

    To protect your safety and security, it’s recommended that you understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Get to know the codes and laws that apply to you, as well as what your landlord is required to provide. Additionally, you should practice common-sense behaviors that enhance your safety, such as:

    • Complying with provisions of city, state and federal laws
    • Taking care of your rental space
    • Locking your doors and windows
    • Reporting any maintenance issues to your landlord immediately
    • Reporting any crimes immediately
    • Staying in well-lit areas, especially at night

    Tenants are responsible for reporting suspected criminal activity on the premises and for upholding city, state and federal laws. Reporting any criminal activity in the vicinity of your dwelling helps everyone stay safe and decreases the likelihood of criminal activity increasing in your neighborhood. Getting to know your neighbors and having access to their contact information can provide another level of support.

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