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Landlord’s Responsibilities for Tenant Safety and Security

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    Laws protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords, but even the most conscientious landlord may run into issues when tenants claim unsafe and unsecure premises. The expert legal team at the Albert Maimone & Associates, P.C. law practice in Queens specializes in landlord and tenant disputes related to a host of issues, including whether the property is safe and secure under New York laws. Don’t try to manage sticky situations alone. Rely on the experience of real estate lawyers who know the laws, codes and regulations. They provide you with the best advice and representation. Call today for a free consultation.

    Is My Landlord Responsible for My Safety in New York City?

    Being proactive about your safety and security is a priority when living in any city. As a landlord, doing so protects your property, your ability to rent to reliable tenants and the quality of life in the surrounding neighborhood. As a tenant, your rights are for a safe, habitable living space and your responsibilities include effective, open communication with your landlord.

    In New York City’s five boroughs — Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island and Brooklyn — and in Suffolk and Nassau counties, landlords are required by law to provide and maintain safe and secure premises for their tenants. Rely on the highly skilled team of real estate lawyers at the Albert Maimone & Associates law practice to help you with legal issues relating to a landlord’s responsibilities for tenant safety and security. Your legal matter is reviewed within 48 hours and begins with a free consultation.

    How Do Landlords Provide for the Safety and Security of Tenants?

    In the lease, if there is one, landlords have certain legal duties to accommodate a tenant’s right to a livable, clean, safe living space. Upholding the warranty of habitability, which is an implied promise in a residential lease, is a landlord’s most important responsibility.

    The Housing Stability & Tenant Protection Act of 2019 extends the warranty of habitability to now include a duty to make effective and timely repairs. Public areas of rental property are now specifically covered when it comes to the safety and security of tenants. Landlords must:

    • Keep steps, stairs and elevators in safe working condition
    • Fix leaking or damaged roofs
    • Repair loose floorboards
    • Remedy electrical issues
    • Repair faulty door locks, light fixtures and smoke alarms
    • Fix leaky pipes to keep plumbing in working order
    • Maintain sidewalks by clearing snow and debris
    • Assure heat is properly working from October through May
    • Take care of and eliminate any dangerous environmental hazards

    Being acutely aware of the state of the property and responding to tenant’s complaints in a timely manner are the responsibilities of all landlords. The tenant’s duty is providing written notice of unsafe or non-secure conditions. The landlord may be at risk of being sued for rent reduction, withholding rent or even liability if the provisions of the warranty of habitability are violated.

    Does a Real Estate Lawyer Help Tenants with Safety and Security Issues?

    As a tenant, by law and under the warranty of habitability, you have a right to a clean, safe and livable dwelling. Consult an expert in real estate law to get solid legal advice about explains what to do when your rental unit becomes damaged or uninhabitable, making it unsafe for you and your family. A well-regarded lawyer provides the expertise you need when facing safety and security issues with your living space or the rental building.

    Your primary responsibility is to keep your landlord informed of any conditions that endanger you or put you at risk of becoming a victim of crime. Ways to ensure you’re protected include:

    • Being aware of the warranty of habitability and your rights as a tenant
    • Paying attention to the condition of your living space, the structure and property
    • Providing written notice to your landlord of any dangerous conditions
    • Keeping the proof of your notice to show you’ve done your part
    • Being mindful about the riskiness of making the repairs yourself

    If your living space becomes uninhabitable by water damage, fire or other issues not caused by you, you may have the ability to leave your dwelling and cancel the lease on three days’ notice to the landlord. This is where renter’s insurance comes into play, if you have it.

    As a landlord, if your tenants experience safety and security issues with their unit or the property, rely on the expertise of specialized real estate lawyers to help you sort through the complicated legalese and find a solution. Contact Albert Maimone & Associates to receive the highest quality legal services without paying big firm legal fees.

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