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Uninhabitable Premises Attorney

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    The most common cause of a sudden change in a building’s livability is natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes or floods. When disaster strikes, making your property uninhabitable, you need the services of legal experts skilled in real estate law to handle any civil litigation that may arise. Rely on the real estate and landlord/tenant lawyers at Albert Maimone & Associates, P.C. They’re well-versed in all NYC laws and codes, and they help you navigate the myriad agencies that become involved when disaster hits. They practice in all five boroughs of New York City, as well as in Suffolk and Nassau counties. This boutique law firm offers a free consultation and case evaluation, and they’ll review your legal matter within 48 hours.

    What Are Uninhabitable Premises?

    It’s not a legal term. Rather, uninhabitable premises means any condition that results in a tenant’s living situation to be hazardous, unhealthy or unsafe, making it impossible to live there. New York City’s warranty of habitability describes the covenant that landlords are responsible to assure apartments are well enough maintained to be fit for human occupancy.

    If your rental property or apartment becomes uninhabitable as a tenant or a landlord, first get yourself to a safe environment. Then find top real estate attorneys who are experts in landlord/tenant disputes, like those at the boutique law firm of Albert Maimone & Associates. They offer a free consultation and case evaluation when you find yourself on either side of the issue of uninhabitability.

    What’s the Landlord’s Responsibilities for Uninhabitable Premises?

    The habitability of a property covers the conditions of individual units, as well as common areas for the tenants. These include the:

    • Hallways
    • Stairs
    • Mailboxes
    • Lobbies
    • Courtyards

    This covenant cannot be waived in the tenant’s lease, whether written or oral. A landlord’s maintenance to keep apartments decent and livable for long-term renters in NYC is considered a requirement. Should a property fall into disrepair and become uninhabitable because of fire, flood, hurricane or other natural disaster, find legal experts with in-depth knowledge of landlord/tenant and real estate law to swiftly and skillfully help you navigate the clean-up and any ensuing legal battles from the start.

    What Can a Landlord Do When a Property Becomes Uninhabitable?

    Ideally, you’ve got the best team of real estate attorneys in New York on your side, because compliance with the NYC codes, ordinances and laws can get complicated. Being proactive about hazardous environmental conditions can help prevent a building from becoming uninhabitable. But fires, floods and natural disasters happen, regardless of how proactive and prepared you are.

    Should disaster strike, call the experts in landlord/tenant and real estate law who understand your sense of urgency and your needs as a business owner. Get the best results, dependable advice and skilled representation from Albert Maimone & Associates. When a building becomes uninhabitable, you benefit from legal representation, which assists you in dealing with:

    • Treating your tenants fairly
    • Filing insurance claims
    • Returning security deposits
    • Obtaining permits
    • Meeting building code requirements
    • Negotiating contracts
    • Satisfying inspectors
    • Renegotiating leases

    What’s a Tenant’s Responsibilities for Uninhabitable Premises?

    If you as a tenant didn’t cause the rental property where you live to become uninhabitable, you want lawyers with in-depth knowledge of landlord-tenant and real estate law to help you navigate the judicial system. Landlord negligence is sometimes difficult to prove, so you need on your side the skills and knowledge of an attorney experienced in helping tenants.

    Additionally, the myriad of resources available to you in natural disasters can be overwhelming, which is why legal help is critical right from the start. For example, you have a legal right to end your lease and have your security deposit returned to you if it’s impossible to live in your severely damaged or destroyed apartment. Considerations about your options also include:

    • Treating your landlord fairly
    • Getting yourself set up in a new living situation
    • Filing renters’ insurance claims
    • Securing federal, state and local disaster assistance
    • Understanding your human rights
    • Gathering evidence to support your claims of innocence if you’re being charged with property damage

    What Are the Benefits of Using Real Estate Lawyers after a Natural Disaster?

    Disasters are traumatic and expensive. Immediately following the disaster and during the initial stages of recovery, it’s a priority for everyone to seek safety and get any needed medical care. Once your basic needs are met, Albert Maimone & Associates has the skilled team of experts who help you piece your life back together. As a landlord or a tenant, the list of forms alone seems endless. Meanwhile, you want an understanding advocate to provide the highest quality legal services without charging the big firm legal fees. A few of the ways you may need help include:

    • Dealing with insurance companies
    • Filing insurance claims
    • Applying for government disaster relief benefits
    • Appealing FEMA’s decisions
    • Applying for loans
    • Replacing lost vital records
    • Resolving housing and mortgage issues
    • Assuring your human rights are not violated
    This is where a seasoned attorney knows how to get things done. Getting set up on short notice to live somewhere warm, safe and dry can be challenging. Get in touch with a knowledgeable team of attorneys who step up and review your legal matter within 48 hours, which is exactly what Albert Maimone & Associates does. They also offer a free consultation and case evaluation.

    How Can I Find Immediate Help with Uninhabitable Premises?

    Emergency crews deliver on-the-spot responses to your needs, making sure you and your tenants are safe. After initial needs are met, find the expertise of real estate professionals who can quickly provide options to get your life, property and your tenant’s lives back on track. You’re facing a zillion forms, red tape and bureaucracy right when you’re also dealing with the stress and trauma of losing your rental property or your place to live.

    Contact Albert Maimone & Associates, who quickly step in to offer you years of experience in managing landlord’s and tenant’s immediate needs when faced with uninhabitable premises. They advise buyers, sellers, developers, contractors, landlords, tenants and management firms, concerning various real estate matters. They’re especially knowledgeable and effective with handling the many facets of natural disaster recovery. Get a skilled team that knows New York City real estate law. They’re the ones who’ll be your best advocate as you rebuild your life.

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