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Residential Landlord/Tenant Attorney

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    There are two sides to every argument. When it comes to residential landlord/tenant disputes, you need a law firm to give you solid advice and representation when needed. The Albert Maimone & Associates, P.C. law practice has top attorneys for both landlords and tenants. Gain a complete understanding of your situation and whether the law is on your side at a free consultation and evaluation. Call a top-rated Queens residential landlord/tenant lawyer today.

    What Is Residential Landlord/Tenant Law in Queens, New York?

    The law regarding residential landlords and tenants covers the process of rental properties in Queens, New York City. The law covers both landlord and tenant rights over a broad range of legal issues. The complexity of real estate law may overwhelm both landlords and tenants, so you may need a residential landlord/tenant attorney to help you understand the law. Turn to a top residential landlord/tenant attorney when you have a legal issue during the leasing process.

    At the boutique law firm of Albert Maimone & Associates, a team of landlord/tenant attorneys employs a client-centered approach to help either landlords or tenants. The law firm covers the five boroughs of NYC — Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island — as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island.

    How Can a Residential Landlord/Tenant Lawyer Help a Landlord?

    A residential landlord/tenant lawyer can be an asset to every landlord in Queens, NY. These attorneys offer specialized skills to the property leasing process. They protect your rights as a landlord in any agreement. A residential attorney helps in ways that include:

    • Lease agreements. An experienced lawyer can draft a lease agreement to establish rules for the landlord/tenant relationship throughout the lease term. A lease agreement includes such items as the lease requirements and what happens after a breach of the lease.
    • Landlord rights and responsibilities. Your attorney explains the various landlord responsibilities and rights. Some laws protect you against legal disputes by tenants as you maintain your property in the best condition.
    • Rent payment laws. Your attorney helps ensure you charge an appropriate rental price. If your property doesn’t fall under rent stabilization, you may charge market rates.
    • Eviction and lease termination. A Queens landlord may evict a tenant who has engaged in criminal activity, breached the lease agreement, stayed past the lease expiration date or hasn’t paid the rent or late fees. Your attorney guides you on eviction laws, such as using an early lease termination or an unconditional quit termination.
    • Landlord/tenant disputes. Disputes are common in real estate, and your attorney takes the matter out of your hands. A top lawyer resolves such disputes efficiently.
    • Landlord protection. If landlord liability issues arise, you need the best residential landlord/tenant attorney. Liability issues may include your responsibility and liability for:

    The team at Albert Maimone & Associates has in-depth knowledge of landlord/tenant law. They offer dependable advice and skilled representation. They also offer free consultations and case evaluations.

    How Can Landlord/Tenant Lawyers Aid Tenants?

    Top landlord/tenant lawyers in Queens, NY also protect the rights of tenants. Seek a landlord/tenant attorney if you feel your landlord has acted in violation of the NYC residential landlord/tenant law. Ways tenant lawyers help include:

    • Lease agreements. An experienced lawyer reviews your lease agreement before you sign it. A tenant attorney explains how the document may affect your plans.
    • Early lease termination or eviction. If you’ve received an eviction notice that you feel is unfair, the best law firm in the city reviews your lease agreement against the existing early lease termination and eviction laws.
    • Lease agreement disclosures. Before you sign a lease agreement, you need full disclosure of every aspect of the contract. Your lawyer helps you get disclosures such as lead-based paint, parties involved in the rental agreement or the security deposit location.
    • Housing discrimination. Your attorney protects you against discrimination in housing under the Fair Housing Act and the New York State Division of Human Rights. The law protects you against discriminatory practices based on sexual orientation, race, marital status, gender or religion.

    Your lawyer finds the best options under your lease, breaks down the landlord/tenant law, explains the protections you’re entitled to under New York law and stands up for your rights if your landlord doesn’t respect your lease terms. The Queens lawyers review your legal matter within 48 hours and provide the highest quality legal services without charging big firm legal fees.

    What Are Common Residential Landlord/Tenant Issues?

    Landlord/tenant relationships sometimes sour over time, leading to legal disputes. If you’re a landlord or tenant in Queens, NY, identifying the primary causes of conflict may help you avoid lawsuits. Common causes of residential landlord/tenant disputes include:

    • Non-payment of rent
    • Evictions
    • Security deposits
    • Right to repairs
    • Tenants breaking the lease
    • Community codes
    • Property damage
    • Habitability issues
    • Safety disclosures, including mold, lead-based paints, risk of flooding or death in a unit

    Most landlord/tenant disputes emerge due to a communication breakdown. An experienced residential lawyer protects you against litigation as a landlord or a tenant.

    Do I Need a Residential Tenant Lawyer?

    The comprehensive Queens landlord/tenant laws protect tenants. In some cases, issues may arise to affect your enjoyment of a leased property. Such situations may require legal assistance from a residential tenant lawyer. Cases that may require assistance by an attorney include:

    • Unfair eviction without proper court procedures
    • Discrimination by your landlord
    • Unrepaired property damage or poor maintenance
    • Injuries, disease or death caused by property issues
    • Unfulfilled promises

    Your Queens-based residential tenant lawyer reviews your situation and offers the best approach for your case. They are specialists in real estate who understand Queens landlord/tenant law to protect your rights.

    Do I Need a Residential Landlord Lawyer?

    Most landlords steer away from lawsuits caused by tenant disputes. While most tenant issues are easy to resolve, some require the input of a legal expert to protect yourself. Situations that may require the guidance of a residential landlord lawyer include:

    • Non-payment of rent
    • Evictions
    • An investigation of tenant discrimination
    • A tenant injury or illness for which you’re liable
    • A major property damage claim
    • Tax issues

    Landlord Tenant Attorney Near Me in Queens, NY: Expert Legal Services and Exceptional Negotiation Skills

    Navigating the intricate landlord-tenant disputes requires deep expertise and understanding of Local and State Laws. If you need help resolving the dispute outside of court, it’s essential to select an experienced landlord-tenant attorney nearby who offers top-tier legal services and exceptional negotiation skills at a competitive price. If a case goes to court, we offer an aggressive presentation of the client’s case persuasively and effectively.

    Remember: Experience, organization, and problem-solving skills in landlord-tenant matters can make a big difference in the outcome of a case. Choose Albert Maimone & Associates, a local landlord attorney near you with a proven track record of winning landlord-tenant cases.

    Conveniently located in the heart of Queens, on College Point, the south by Whitestone Expressway and Flushing, and in close proximity to residents of Bayside, Rego Park, Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, Flushing, and Forest Hills, our landlord-tenant attorneys are here to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible while providing landlord-tenant attorney services of the highest quality to ensure that you’re well-represented and that your rights are protected.

    Call us at (718) 555-5555 to speak with a landlord-tenant attorney near you.

    At the Albert Maimone & Associates law practice, your residential landlord/tenant lawyer reviews your case and offers a custom approach. This boutique law firm has a high success rate over the years. Contact the most qualified Queens residential real estate lawyer for all your residential landlord or tenant issues.

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