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Business Dispute Lawyers and Negotiation Attorneys

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    Resolving a business dispute is difficult when you’re in the middle of it. That’s why you need an experienced business dispute attorney to bring matters to an acceptable resolution before the problem affects your business too much. Call the best business dispute lawyers in New York City at the Albert Maimone & Associates, P.C. law practice. They offer a free consultation and rapid response. Their motto is: Helping clients get the results they need.

    Do I Need a Lawyer to Settle My Business Dispute?

    When it comes to disagreements within a business, it’s best to consult a business dispute lawyer to help find a solution. If an argument or disagreement is affecting the day-to-day functions of the business or if it’s leading to a decline in profit, a dispute lawyer can examine the problem from a different angle to find a middle ground to get everybody back on track.

    Making decisions for your business’s future can become a heated debate, especially if there are one or more owners who don’t see eye to eye. Top business dispute lawyers at Albert Maimone & Associates provide that outsider’s point of view to help you bring a swift and equitable solution to your dispute.

    What Are Some Common Types of Business Disputes?

    Whether you’re involved in a petty feud or a more complicated error in operations, disputes within your business can snowball quickly into a problem that seems impossible to solve. If an argument can’t be dissolved with the two parties talking to each other, a mediator or business disputes lawyer may be required to take a fresh look at the problem.

    You may be involved in a minor disagreement with your partner that you just can’t resolve. Before you get into civil litigation, seek out an experienced NYC attorney from Albert Maimone & Associates for business disputes to help you get your business back on track. Common types of business disputes involve:

    • Misinterpretation of a contract. If two people disagree on what an initial contract statement means, the contract’s initial purpose of defining direction becomes skewed. This can occur between contractors and vendors, business partners, or employers and employees.
    • Civil suits. Suits may be filed against a business when a customer or municipal establishment flies a complaint against it. Hiring a business dispute attorney ensures that your side of the story is accurately represented in a civil suit. This type of attorney also helps resolve the problem before it ends up in court.
    • Buying or selling process. Disagreements about the terms of sale of a business get complicated if not first dissected and efficiently explained by a lawyer. If you’re attempting to open or close a business, a lawyer should be a part of any contract review to eliminate issues before they cause a problem.
    • Employment issues. Problems may arise between employees and employers if the details regarding employment aren’t clear in the onboarding process. Any issues regarding payment, treatment or unfair termination may cause turmoil within a business and tarnish its reputation.

    When Should I Consider Litigation for My Business Dispute?

    If there’s an issue that’s keeping your business from achieving its full potential and all private attempts at solving this problem have failed, consult an attorney for business disputes. This attorney advises you on how to proceed and on what legal grounds you can stand if a suit must be filed.

    Although you may want to avoid this type of intervention, it’s best to understand all the legal rewards and consequences you may experience during a business dispute. It’s time to seek out legal counsel if your business is suffering because of the issue. Consult your business disputes lawyer if you’re experiencing:

    • A questionable breach of contract. Direct your questions about whether or not the terms of a contract have been broken toward a contract lawyer. If the legal lingo has been misinterpreted in any way, an experienced attorney deciphers precisely what’s said and what the contract covers.
    • Perpetual problem. If you feel you’ve been stuck on a merry-go-round circling the same issue for a long period of time, outside help can shake things up to resolve what you once thought was a permanent problem. Many times, it’s the lack of resolution to these recurring matters that leads to the downfall of a business.
    • Negative effect on profit. If you can see that the productivity and profit of your business is declining as a direct result of an internal conflict, protect the business’s future by resolving the problem as quickly as possible.
    • Too much time spent on legal matters. Hire an attorney for business disputes to free up more time for you to focus on what you do best — running your business. A lawyer can take care of such disputes while you focus on ways to help your business thrive.

    How Can I Find a Resolution to My Business Dispute?

    Hiring a dispute attorney is the best step when attempting to resolve a problem within your business. These types of attorneys work with both sides of an argument to make sure everyone finds common ground. They weed out extraneous factors to find a solution. There are several paths your business dispute attorneys may advise to find a successful resolution, including:

    • Arbitration is a simplified version of trial. There are no official documents presented. A third party with no affiliation with the arguing parties submits a non-biased opinion of the issue at hand.
    • A mediator or mediation team acts as a neutral third party to bring fresh eyes to an existing problem and offer solutions that the parties involved may have not yet thought of.
    • Hiring a lawyer is a sure-fire way to get your problem in front of a judge, who’ll make an impartial ruling on how to deal with the issue.
    • In a business negotiation, both parties give up something they want to reach a compromise on an acceptable solution.

    Contact your NYC team of business disputes attorneys at Albert Maimone & Associates at the first sign of a problematic business dispute that looks like you may have difficulty solving on your own. Your interests come first with this team. They understand the concerns and needs of small and medium-sized businesses and business owners.

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